RSD Communications case study - DVB TV

Case Study - RSD Communications DVB TV products development

RadioCAD Limited have successfully completed four Digital Televison (DTV) product developments in conjunction with RSD Communications since March 2009.


RSD Multiview T-35

The first project jointly developed by RSD and RadioCAD is RSD’s T-35 modulator.


This innovative device sits between your rooftop antenna and a conventional analog TV cable network. The black box can simultaneously demodulate five digital TV (DVB) channels and convert them to analog and then re-modulate them as an analog broadcast MUX. Furthermore multiple T-35 units can be daisy-chained to build up a comprehensive analog network. This technology suits establishments such as hotels where the cost of replacing a large number of television receivers is appreciable. RadioCAD completed all the RF design on this project. The design was implemented using the Altium PCB design tool, a package that both RadioCAD and RSD Communications use in common. Therefore it was relatively easy for both companies to work on the main PCB at the same time.

RSD-Multiview-at Amazon       RSD Multiview T-35 datasheet

RSD family of digital TV modulators


Following the T-35 modulator RadioCAD assisted RSD Communications to develop a range of best-of-class digital TV modulators. The initial product was the 2-channel DM220T. This product had some problems with in-band RF spuri to start with. After a joint redesign between RadioCAD’s Tim Jarvis and RSD’s John Ross a new product range of modulators was born with superb DVB performance characteristics:

Spurious < -50 dBc, MER >37 dB (40 dB typical) and flatness ±1 dB across all bands.

These products are now RSD standard products (2 & 4 channel the DM340T) offering modulation in both DVB-T and DVB-C formats.

“At a MER of >37dB this is better in some cases than that used by broadcasters for OTA live transmissions”.

RSD products at Amazon.Com       DM340T Datasheet       DM220T Datasheet

Presently RadioCAD are working together with RSD Communications on projects for some of RadioCAD’s other customers.